Benefits of All Terrain Cranes

By: Michelle Tunquist


All terrain cranes are versatile and can be an advantage to any project. What are the benefits of all terrain cranes? Their ability to be used on all types of terrain and in different weather conditions makes them ideal for a wide range of jobs.  These cranes have superior mobility in off-road and rough terrain situations while also having the capability to move quickly on public roads and highways.  With their capacity to also lift high loads, they have many benefits that will make your next job easier.

Benefits of All Terrain Cranes

  1. Mobility—With an all wheel driving steering suspension system, and the ability to move through sand or gravel as well as asphalt, all terrain cranes have the mobility to get around and complete numerous construction projects.  They are great for jobs with no road access, their all terrain capabilities allowing them to transverse rough surfaces to reach the site.  Once on-site they can be moved wherever they are needed to complete a variety of duties.
  2. Lifting Capacity—Depending on the crane, our all terrain cranes can lift between 90 and 440 tons, and can reach a variety of heights. Determine the maximum load you need lifted and choose the appropriate crane. Their powerful lifting capacity allow them to get the job done. Heavy loads can be moved as needed to complete the project without hassle.
  3. Speed—Can reach speeds of 55 mph, giving it the ability to get to jobs sites independently.  Easily moving between sites is a premium benefit of all terrain cranes, allowing the job to get completed without stress.  Getting the crane to the site shouldn’t be a worry.  All terrain cranes can easily get to the site and move around, as needed, once there.
  4. Compact—The compact design helps with the mobility and maneuverability of the crane allowing it to access the job site without difficulty.  Large equipment takes up space and makes maneuverability difficult.  Though still large equipment, all terrain cranes are designed to be as compact and efficient as possible, allowing them to move where needed.  
  5. Efficient—Booms are integrated and attached making the crane as efficient as possible. Easily extend the boom to reach and lift as needed.  The efficient design of the crane makes lifting and hauling as simple as possible.       
  6. Versatile—They are adjustable and versatile, allowing them to adjust on the jobsite to a variety of jobs. These cranes are capable of doing a multitude of jobs. Lifting, hauling, reaching, whatever the job, all terrain cranes can do it.  Their versatile nature makes them an asset on any job.  
  7. Durable—These cranes are built to handle the job site and are incredibly durable in order to handle all types of conditions. Built to withstand all types of weather and strong enough to navigate rough terrain, these cranes are sturdy and resilient. Even if the weather gets rough, these cranes will be ready to resume the job once conditions are ready for work.  
  8. Safety—They are built for safety and have great visibility so that the operator can clearly see the job site. When used correctly, these cranes will ensure that the job gets done correctly and safely.  Since safety is a top concern for any construction project, all terrain cranes are designed with safety in mind.  

All terrain cranes can be used for all types of projects such as installing oil and gas pipelines, erecting wind turbines, lifting heavy concrete building segments and for heavy hauls.  Their many benefits make all terrain cranes a great choice for your next construction project.  Contact WM Services today to learn more about our all terrain cranes available for rental.