How Often Are Cranes Inspected, Maintained?

construction crane rentals


April 14, 2015
By: Karli Willden

Construction Crane Rentals

Construction crane equipment, several tons heavy, is not taken lightly by WM Services. One mistake, one oversight, one broken code, could result in the death and injury of many. Every step of the crane rental process at WM Services is carefully planned and inspected. As a company that has delivered construction equipment rentals for over fifteen years, WM Services is well-aware and experienced in what is needed to deliver safe results. To learn more about our crane rental services, click here or call 208-547-4707.

Crane Inspections:

WM Services perform daily equipment inspections to ensure safety in all construction project procedures. Our crane operators and crane inspectors perform these daily inspections to check all parts of the crane equipment, to make sure all crane parts are functioning according to its proper order. From the brakes and hoist, to control devices and the hook, to unusual sounds and oil leaks, nothing gets by our crane inspectors. If there is something out of the ordinary, our crane equipment is taken in for further inspection and repair. WM Services makes sure to follow proper inspection guides and   load charts assigned to equipment, to avoid hazardous situations involving the crane equipment.

Transportation paths and ground conditions are also double checked for safety purposes, and trial lifts are performed routinely to ensure the equipment’s functionality and operation. With weeks, months, and sometimes years of preparation, our engineers and project planners are able to account for every project detail and execute it with logistical precision. Our certified crane engineers play a major role in the safety of each project. With vigilant inspections and compliance to safety codes, we ensure crane equipment safety and project success. Safety is the first priority in all of our work.

Crane Inspection Checklist:

  • Brakes
  • Hoist
  • Unusual Sounds
  • Control Devices
  • Hook Latch
  • Hook
  • Reeving
  • Limit Switches
  • Oil Leakage

Inspections from OSHA

In addition to our daily self-inspections, our crane equipment, transportation vehicles, employees, facility, etc. are regularly checked and inspected by OSHA. Our company takes no slight to details and ensures everything follows code for the safety of the project. From wearing the right protective gear, to testing the equipment and following load charts, etc. it is our mission to provide safe, reliable equipment customers need for their construction projects. To learn more about how WM Services complies with the codes and regulations established by OSHA, contact WM Services here.

Modern Technology

With a new, modern fleet of crane equipment, construction tasks are completed with the power, durability and the safety needed for each individual construction project. Our reliable crane rental services extend to a wide variety of markets and projects across the United States. With modern technological equipment, certified engineers and project planners, the assigned construction schedules and timelines are met with strictness and efficiency. For over 15 years WM Services has offered quality construction crane rental services, and is a member of the reputable SC&RA.

It is our mission to fill your construction building needs as effectively as we can. To learn more about our construction crane rentals, bare rentals, or any other of our construction equipment, contact WM Services today at (208) 547-4707 or toll free at (855) 547-4707.

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