By: Karli Willden

Mullen Crane Rentals: FAQ

What type of rental crane is right for the job?
There are many factors that determine the need for specific crane equipment types and each can be determined by assessment of the the load, the height the load, and the purpose of the project. Each piece of equipment has unique capabilities that are customized for different situations. Dependent on how remote the location is, WM Services will consult with you to know which crane will work best for your needs.

Crane Rentals & Equipment:

  • Grove RT890E –  90 Ton, All-Terrain
  •  Grove GMK 5165 – 165 Ton, All-Terrain
  •  Grove GMK 5275 – 275 Ton, All-Terrain
  •  Manitowoc 999 – 275 Ton, Crawler
  •  Manitowoc 16000 – 440 Ton, Crawler

Can I rent and use my own certified operator?
WM Services generally will provide a certified crane operator, however, you can rent the machinery and provide your own certified operator, and insure it. Safety is the highest priority for WM Services and we would like to make sure that projects run safely and productively. Whether you choose to provide your own operator or use one of our own, the choice is up to you.

How Will WM Crane’s Save Me Money?
WM Crane services has over 30 years of industrial experience providing a quality service to its customers. Our professionals use their analytics and key project managers to ensure that a customer’s every penny and minute is used in a productive and efficient manner. Project managers make sure that employees are on task and that projects are moving along at an appropriate speed for the project.

How new is the equipment and how often is the crane inspected?
All of the WM service equipment is new and the equipment is inspected daily by project managers, and yearly by inspectors. Equipment that is new and updated is important to WM Cranes. We take all precautions to ensure safe practices and procedures during the project development.

Does WM Services provide permits for the equipment, or should that be acquired by the customer?

WM Crane Services provides all permits, as well as state, county, and city restriction. WM Services has an acute attention to detail and comes prepared to every project, ready to provide safe and efficient solutions to its customers. WM Services follows all safety procedures to the tee, and has been noted for its reliable and efficient solutions. Give us a call at (208) 547-4707 for more information today.