By: Karli Willden

Heavy Haul Transport

Mullen Heavy Haul Preparation

Preparation is the beginning and end to every Mullen heavy haul rental. Many underestimate the long list of details required to prepare for heavy haul rentals. It’s difficult to fully comprehend the work, the preparation and the precision needed for every Mullen heavy haul rental. There is not a step along the way which does not require thorough planning and preparation. As convenient as it would be for a heavy haul driver to just load up in the truck and drive to the planned destination, this scenario could result in dangerous and extremely costly outcomes. One error in the preparation or the delivery of a heavy haul rental, could cause the death of an individual or the company. Consider the conveniences and labor provided by WM Services, to ease the burden of a much needed heavy haul rental for your construction project.

  1. Trailer & Equipment:  WM Services has the equipment you need, when you need it. Customers no longer need to worry about providing the trailer, equipment or fuel for the equipment. WM Services saves your company the hassle and the high costs from needing to invest in these expensive purchases. Mullen heavy haul rentals also saves your company the time and money needed for equipment storage, and to pay for regular maintenance inspections and repairs to operate the heavy haul equipment.
  2. Trained & Expert Driver: Safe and successful transportation is the number one priority for heavy haul equipment transportation.  WM Services knows the safety of the public and the project rests on the shoulders of trained and experienced drivers. For that reason, WM Services takes sufficient time to make sure the right driver is hired and trained for the job. Our WMS drivers have the proper experience and the training needed to ensure the load’s safety on the road. Our drivers know all the safety limits of both the roadway and the heavy haul equipment, so we can promise safe and efficient heavy haul transportation.
  3. Insurance: When you choose to rent heavy haul rentals from WM Services, we save you the hassle of needing to insure your equipment, the heavy haul driver or the machine operator. Think of the time you could save with WM Services.
  4. County & State Regulations: Every county and state has different codes and regulations for heavy haul transportation. Our drivers familiarize with the different state regulations and codes for heavy hauls transportation, and strictly adhere to the local county and state laws. The safety of the public is the number one concern of WM Services, on and off the road.
  5. Permits & License: Securing the right permits and licenses for a heavy haul transport can be quite a long and complex process. WM Services saves you the time and energy it takes to secure these vital documents for heavy haul transportation between different counties and states.
  6. Escorts: Part of the roadway safety of heavy haul transports requires escorts to make sure the load makes it safely to its destination. Escorts help the drivers to avoid collisions with other traffic or items in the roadway, by providing extra eyes for the driver. Our drivers and escorts are able to communicate back and forth with proper communication equipment. WM Services takes every precaution to make sure jobs are completed with safety and caution.
  7. Prepare Routes In Advance: To prevent any surprises in the transportation of the heavy haul equipment, our team will prepare, plan and run the transportation routes in advances. This eliminates any unseen obstacles which may be encountered in the trip, to make it safe, smooth and time efficient. Every detail will be accounted for in the transportation of the heavy haul equipment.
  8. Load Securement: Prior to the transportation of the heavy haul equipment, our team ensures the heavy haul equipment is properly secured on the transport. With many high cost stakes at risk, there is little room for error. The heavy haul equipment is inspected and checked before leaving the parking lot, to make sure the heavy haul equipment is properly secured and the weight evenly distributed on the transport.
  9. Time Deadlines: Delivering is what WM Services does best. WM Services plots the route ahead of time and knows exactly where to be at exactly the right time. Our thorough and detailed preparation allows our drivers to deliver the transportation in a timely and efficient manner.WM Services has offered its services to customers for over 15 years and has saved customers the time, energy and hassle of carrying out a heavy haul transport. Call WM Services today for more information on our Mullen heavy haul rentals, or other crane rentals, at (208) 547-4707. We look forward to serving you!