William Mullen Services

The Mullen family has successfully served the crane and rigging industry for over thirty years. Ray Mullen opened Mullen Crane and Transport in 1978 and established a reputation for providing top quality crane and rigging equipment. His company, Mullen Crane and Transport, was known for their extensive experience in providing crane and transport services, as well as their dedication to customer service and focus on safety. Ray Mullen shared his commitment to the crane and rigging industry with his son, William Mullen.

In 2012, William Mullen founded WM Services Crane & Rigging. He is determined to continue the Mullen family tradition to provide high quality crane and rigging service. Mullen has used his knowledge and experience acquired from working with his father at Mullen Crane and Transport to establish a premier crane and rigging company of his own.

Superior Crane Equipment

WM Services Crane & Rigging provides superior, well-maintained crane and transport equipment. We have a modern fleet of mobile cranes that allow us to service customers along the energy corridor of the United States. Additionally, WM Services Crane & Rigging has a state-of-the-art fleet of all terrain, crawler, and rough terrain cranes to meet any lifting need.

Commitment to Customer Service

Our professional team has over 15 years of experience in the crane and transport industry. We are dedicated to providing excellent customer service. WM Services Crane & Rigging is the best choice to provide your crane and heavy transport needs because of our dedication to safety, commitment to customer service, and extensive experience.

Cutting-Edge Technology Available

Use our in-house engineering team to help you plan transportation projects and complex lifts. We utilize the latest visual video technology available and can help you successfully plan and complete any project.

WM Services Crane & Rigging lives up to the Mullen family name. Contact WM Services today for your next Mullen crane and equipment rental.