By: Karli Willden

Crane Rentals

A weakened economy often results in lower construction demand. With all the highs and lows of the economy, WM Services is always ready to serve you. WM Services is equipped with the finest fleet of construction cranes, heavy hauls and jack and slides. Our fleet has served a wide variety of markets, loads and locations across the United States. Regular maintenance and inspection of our fleet keeps our equipment in top shape, always ready at request. Our crane rental and heavy haul services have been offered to the construction and energy corridor more than 15 years. Each year our services have demonstrated our commitment to the work, the industry and our clients.


Costs tend to run high in construction projects. When other construction expenses dissolve your construction budget, WM Services offers cost-efficient crane rentals. Our technicians, project managers, engineers, operators and rigging crew are unified in the goal to deliver you the most cost-efficient results available. Detailed planning and preparation are undertaken to ensure time, equipment, money and other supporting resources extended in the project are used efficiently. Our crane rental business offers reliable equipment, operation and delivery, within the time we promise. It is our cost-efficiency, consideration to deadlines and customer’s expectations which makes us most appreciated by customers.

Planning & Engineering

WM Services has been in the business of crane rentals for more than 15 years. Our depth of knowledge and experience in the planning and engineering process has proven reliable and proficient. Our solid internal communications of our company allow our company to properly plan and prepare for projects months in advance, giving greater flexibility to customers. Project planning and engineering begins as soon as the project is landed, because WM Services is absolutely precise in preparations.

Specialized Industrial Construction

Our crane rental services have specialized in serving the oil, mining, gas and infrastructure companies, along with many more. WM Services has equipment and transportation services available for any project of any size. Our company and its experienced project executors have the training and experience to meet your specialized crane rental needs. Give WM Services a call to receive a free estimate.

Professional Construction Managers

Successful execution of a project is the result of our trained staff and professional construction managers who guide the project from start to finish. WM Services hires individuals with the leadership skills to manage a project efficiently and direct the project each step of the way. Little project decisions often are much bigger decisions than they seem, which is why WM Services entrusts each project to our construction managers. WM Services, including our engineers, project managers, and rigging staff prepare for projects far in advance to anticipate any obstacle.

Operation and Maintenance

Crane rentals and its operation and maintenance is managed with absolute precision. WM Services goes to great lengths to train and prepare each individual on the job to perform the job to perfection. WM Services follows codes and regulations set by industry standards. Our crane rentals are properly attended to and inspected on a regular basis in order to function to their best ability.

Labor Productivity

Time is money, which is why we waste neither. WM Services is highly aware of the the value of a crane rental investment. It is our job to get the project completed in the allotted time or less, with the best results. WM Services takes care of our customers with no-hassle crane rentals, and provides them with impressive labor productivity. Each individual project worker is fully aware of his or her responsibilities on the job, with full knowledge they are accountable to project managers for those job responsibilities. Our company seeks to track individual success and improvements, so our crane rental company can be the most reliable and efficient. We strategically plan and prepare months in advance to have the most efficient travel routes, the most efficient project executions and operations, the best operators, engineers, project managers and rigging crew to put on the project. Our labor productivity is a major focus at WM Services.


Our fleet of cranes, heavy hauls and jack and slides offer flexibility in project tasks. Each piece of rental equipment offers unique capabilities and capacities for unique project tasks. As shown in the load chart, we offer a wide range of weight capacities available to handle projects of any scale. WM Services is prepared to meet your obstacles with solutions for every project. As a family-owned company, WM Services has a sense of pride when it comes to delivering results to our customers. If you would like to learn more about our construction crane rentals or receive a free estimate, give WM Services a call at (208) 547-4707.