By: Karli Willden

Rich Heritage

When looking for a company to fill your crane and rigging needs, find a crane company that has a rich heritage of industry experience with a diverse portfolio of crane construction projects. Crane companies that have taken on a wide variety of projects will be more experienced on the job, to deliver your safe and timely results. Get to know your crane company to find a reliable company who can best meet your needs. Serving the wind energy, oil, mining, gas, or infrastructure industries, WM Services has offered its crane rentals and heavy haul transportation services throughout the United States for more than a decade. As a family owned business, our work ethic and experience have given our crane and rigging business deep roots.

Power and Mobility You Need

Find the power and mobility you need in a crane rental, by knowing your project’s needs and options available. Search for a crane company who has a versatile fleet of cranes and rigging equipment. Every crane rental company will offer crane rentals with different weight and maneuvering capacities. Look for companies who maintain and keep their machinery equipment up-to-date with the utmost attention to detail. WM Service’s unmatched fleet of construction cranes and heavy haul transportation offers you the power and mobility you need for any construction project. WM Services offers our customers a complete crane and rigging fleet with unthinkable capabilities, maneuvering weights from 90 tons to as heavy has 440 tons.

No Room for Mistakes

A successful crane rigging company understands every detail must be managed appropriately with no room for any mistake. Find a crane company who places a high emphasis on safety and is in keeping with the industry standards of safety. Make sure the crane company you choose has an impressive project manager and team of engineers to ensure the success and safety of the project. Cranes should be inspected on a routine basis to ensure proper safety and equipment function. WM Services Crane and Rigging is a Member of Safety Services and SCRA, with safety at its core. WM Services takes pride in its crane and heavy haul preparations by project managers, engineers and experienced staff to ensure safety in every project.

Right Person for the Right Job

Nothing is more dangerous than to have the wrong person on the job in the crane industry. Maneuvering thousands of pounds of machinery equipment and goods will require a successful crane businesses to make sure the most competent individuals are supervising and behind the controls on any crane and rigging project. Following directions is imperative for onsite workers, and crane operators will need to understand how to properly operate crane machinery, to lift, position and place heavy objects appropriately, while maintaining area safety. All employees should have certification and thorough training to complete the job successfully. WM Services has a proven track record of placing the right person on the right job at all times, with the experience to handle any circumstance presented.

Quick and Adaptive to Circumstances

Even with many months of preparation and planning, obstacles will still likely intervene in your crane and rigging plans. A competent crane company will anticipate any challenges and know how to react accordingly if the obstacles present themselves. Heavy lifting is an art not meant for amateurs. Experienced heavy haul and crane operators make sure each project is carried out smoothly and in a timely fashion. Deadlines are deadlines, and crane companies should do everything in their power to meet them.

WM Services has helped companies with their lifting and heavy haul needs for more than a decade. If you are looking for a reliable crane company, WM Services can show you how we can take care of your needs. Our customers are always our biggest priority. Give us a call today at (208) 547-4707.