Crane Rental Engineering

Planning a crane haul and lift is no easy task. There are many different people, equipment, and materials involved in the process and each plays a vital role in the lifting process. Engineering specialists are needed to ensure the project is cost effective, movement is controlled, executed in a timely and safe manner, and everyone involved is accounted for.

At WM Services, we are specialists in engineering. Our experienced engineers will take the time to make sure your jobs are done in a safe, efficient, and timely manner while complying to all load specifications. Your safety is our first priority, so a lot of care is put into the planning process and later on during the detailed inspection process. Every potential obstacle from haul routes to unexpected dangers are considered to prevent accidents and ensure that each project is completed precisely and accurately.

With each job, our engineers look at all aspects to what it might take to complete the project. Onsite surveys are conducted, every detail is studied, calculations are computed, and concepts are created in preparation for each lift. Each job is then put together in a technical drawing to display the details that each job will require and how the project will be conducted. Click on the sample below to see a detailed lift plan.

WM Services can help you complete any job, no matter the size. So give us a call and let us do the heavy lifting for you.