The Right Solution for Heavy Haul Jobs

Moving over-dimensional project cargo in-house or across the country requires specialized knowledge and equipment. WMS Crane & Rigging has both for your next Heavy Haul project.

Heavy Haul Drivers

Heavy haul transportation requires skilled, licensed drivers, who take every precaution to ensure that the load is delivered safely and in a timely manner. Our licensed drivers are certified to meet safety requirements and can navigate safely across roadways anywhere in the United States to its final destination.

Heavy Haul Permits, Prep and Route Studies

WMS makes the process seamless for you and your team. Permits are a hassle to acquire and are required in the relocation process of large equipment across several cities, counties, and states. Acquiring these permits can be a long, complicated process, as each have their own rules and regulations to follow. WMS is proactive and prepares these permits and lines up every necessary detail in advance to guarantee that the process is smooth and time efficient for our customers.

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