By: Karli Willden

Mullen Crane Rentals

Are you in search of a reliable crane rental company, but not quite sure which crane company to partner with? Choosing the right crane company to partner with is one of the biggest decisions you can make. Done with the wrong partner, crane rentals can be a risky investment, and can cause your business unnecessary hassle or even potential lawsuits.

According to OSHA, cranes cause more “struck-by” fatalities than any other piece of construction equipment. WM Services takes the safety of its employees and the public seriously.

When it comes to safety, WM Services goes above and beyond typical employee training requirements to make sure our employees are able to perform when difficult situations arise.

With the the professional crane and rigging services we offer, WM Services has built trust not only between our customers, but also among other noteworthy trade associations. WM Services Cranes and Rigging is proud to announce, we are members of the SC&RA and the Safety Services Company. 

What is the SC&RA?

SC&RA, which stands for “Specialized Carriers & Rigging Association,” is a reputable and trusted trade association. Trusted by the United States Congress, the SC&RA plays an active role to improve public safety regulations, and inform its members on the latest safety practices.

With continual research, the organization delivers key business practices and techniques to benefit the members of the organization. The SC&RA provides seminars, webinars, and other informational meetings to best equip its members to face any situation.

As members of the association, WM Services is provided with a unique knowledge set necessary to improve our business, and be at the top of the crane and rigging industry. To learn more about the SC&RA organization, click here. 

What is the Safety Services Company?

Safety Services is another reputable association leading the United States and North America in promoting safety compliance. Safety Services provides safety training services and products to better work environments and improve public safety.

According to Safety Service Company’s website, it is the goal of the company to provide “customers products and services that exceed their safety and compliance needs, expectations, and goals.”

At WM Services, we partner with companies such as the Safety Services Company, because we have similar goals and objectives. Safety is an absolute priority for WM Services, and we expect nothing less in crane rentals. Learn more about the Safety Services Company today.

So What?

Active participation in these associations, lets customers know the level of commitment WM Services has to always improve the crane services we offer.

At WM Services, we have an edge on other crane and rigging companies by being members of the SC&RA and Safety Services. As mentioned above, the SC&RA provides our crane rental business insights on how to run a safe and efficient business.

There are many crane rental companies who miss opportunities to add value to its services by going the extra mile and participating in these trade associations.

Our company has a deeper understanding of the crane and rigging industry by participating in SC&RA. We know how to deliver safe and quality services to our customers.

For more information on WM Services, or to learn more about our Mullen heavy haul or crane rentals, give us a call at (208) 547-4707.