Jack & Slide Method

Some situations restrict or limit crane lifting capabilities and halt projects to a standstill. When lifting conditions for a project are rigid, or in some way limited for tradition lifting equipment, Jack and Slide is a great solution. A Jack and Slide is an alternative method to lift, move, weigh, and unload items to the standard crane method. Jack and slide is great in remote locations, or where space is limited. Jack and Slide enables greater flexibility to maneuver in tight situations, provides a safe onsite resource, and it is cost-effective. If your project needs the speciality that a Jack and Slide can offer, then don’t hesitate to find out more about the Jack and Slide to produce those desired results.

Equipment Rental for Specialized Options

WM Services offers the Jack and Slide service for greater customer convenience and project flexibility to solve complex situations across the United States. Jack and Slide equipment has the capability to move projects forward from their standstill position, because of its unique features that allow the equipment to work in restricting circumstances. Jack and Slide equipment is often used when accessibility is limited, space is tight, locations are remote, or when money is even more tight.

WM Services provide all the necessary equipment for the job, the labor force, and the expertise to safely and effectively get the job done in the scheduled time. The unique circumstances that limit the project process, whether it be space constraints or even money concerns, are solved by the Jack and Slide.

WM Services are experts in Jack and Slide equipment and are able to meet a wide variety of needs in cities throughout the United States. Through proper equipment assessment and labor reinforcement, the Jack and Slide can accomplish difficult tasks that most other standard crane equipment is unable to achieve.

Cost-Effectiveness of Jack and Slide

This option is a cost effective method to provide for your lifting and moving needs. Of all the lifting and moving equipment available, jack and slide is the most cost-effective for its unique abilities that other standard crane equipment lack. The equipment can get the job done quickly, and in less time, to save money on other labor costs. It is used for remote locations, due to its easy accessibility and lower transportation costs. Give us a call today to receive a quote for your next Jack and Slide job at (208) 547-4707.