By: Karli Willden

WM Services offers quality, heavy haul trucking services throughout the country. Read how WM Services is able to overcome obstacles to assist Degerstrom Ventures and Kiewit Mining Inc. in their heavy haul transportation needs.

Heavy Haul Trucking

WM Services does what is required to complete a job said to be impossible. Our heavy haul company is compliant to the rules and regulations required in the transportation of heavy haul equipment. On one of our latest heavy-haul projects for Degerstrom Ventures, WM Services transported a piece of a large shovel which was so heavy it required two trucks to pull the load.

While some heavy haul companies may have dismissed the project because it required extra measures of attention and detail, WM Services found a way to deliver to customers. Our reliable heavy haul equipment has benefited hundreds of companies, and our transportation services have been done in such a way as to ensure a safe delivery.

According to the US Department of Transportation more than 500,000 trucking accidents occur each year. WM Services is well-aware of the risks involved with heavy-haul transportation, which is why our company puts an undeniable emphasis on safety. Our heavy-haul drivers are trained and certified to be quick-decision makers.

On the road our heavy-haul drivers must be keenly aware of traffic conditions, traffic accidents, animals, weather-related obstacles and more. Every heavy haul transport requires months of detailed planning and preparation. Our heavy haul and crane rental company may sometimes prepare for projects for more than a year in advance to ensure all is accounted for when the time comes to deliver. Preparation is the key to our success in all of our heavy-haul projects.

Another of WM Services most recent heavy haul trucking projects included the transport of a large lube truck for Kiewit Mining Inc. In the transport of several tons of equipment, WM Services will do everything in our power to deliver heavy-haul equipment safely. Prior to the date of our heavy-haul delivery, permits are requested and collected, routes are planned and practiced, transportation equipment is inspected and repaired, and much more.

Heavy Haul Services & Mission

It is the mission of WM Services to provide our customers the most efficient means of heavy haul transportation. We understand and fulfill project deadlines, so our customers may also fulfill their own project deadlines.

WM Services prides itself in our crane rentals and heavy haul transportation. As a family-owned business, our company is founded on hard work ethic and decency. No matter the obstacles which may prevent a heavy haul from reaching its destination, WM Services is able to overcome these obstacles to deliver a safe heavy haul transport.

We offer a number of heavy haul transports to accommodate different load types. WM Services has offered its heavy haul services to a number of industries, including the mining and oil industries, wind energy and gas industries, the infrastructure industry and much more.

WM Services offers free estimates to those in search of a heavy haul transport. If you are in need of a heavy haul transportation company, or crane rentals, give WM Services a call. We can help work out the details of any heavy haul transport and start the preparation process today. For questions about our heavy haul equipment, load charts, load securement, and other heavy-haul related details, feel free to give WM Services a call today at (208) 547-4707.