By: Michelle Tunquist

Every job in the hauling industry is different.  This is why there is a variety of different lifting machinery available to get the job done correctly.  When there is limited space and budget constraints, cranes are not always feasible.  If a heavy load needs to be moved in a space too small for a crane, a Jack and Slide system may be the right fit.

What is a Jack and Slide?

A jack is a relatively simple machine that is used to lift loads vertically.  The slide is essentially a track that moves the load horizontally.  First several jacks are used to lift the load, then the slide is placed under the load.  Once the load is set back down onto the slide, the load is moved horizontally until it is put in place.  After it is in the correct place, jacks are used to lift the load and remove the slide.

Several jacks can easily be used at the same time to lift heavy loads.  Depending on the capabilities of the specific jack, you could lift several hundred tons up to thousands of tons.  Hydraulic Jack and Slide systems make it possible to lift and move heavy loads easily.

When Should a Jack and Slide be Used?

Cranes require a large amount of space to work. When there is limited space, especially limited height, cranes cannot be used. Not only do they need a large open space for height capabilities, but they also require a lot of area surrounding the crane for stability purposes.  Because of their size, they are also more expensive to use and operate.  When there is a limited budget or space, Jack and Slide systems are an ideal choice.  Use a Jack and Slide system when you have:

  • Limited Space. Jack and Slide systems are compact and require a lot less space to operate.  They can be used inside buildings where a crane would not fit. Additionally, they do not need a wide surrounding area for stability. Since the Jack and Slide keeps the load relatively close to the ground, stability is not usually an issue.
  • Budget Constraints. Jack and Slide systems are a much more economical choice. They are easier to maintain and operate, making them perfect for smaller budgets.

What are the Advantages of a Jack and Slide?

There are many advantages to using a Jack and Slide system, which is why it is a valuable tool in the heavy haul industry.  Those advantages include:

  • Compact. These systems are small and can be used in more confined spaces. When there isn’t room for a crane, a Jack and Slide can get the job done.
  • Lift Heavy Loads. Their compact size doesn’t stop them from lifting heavy loads.  They are quite valuable because they can move large loads in a smaller area.
  • Reduced Cost. Jack and Slide systems are much less expensive than cranes.  For limited budgets, they can get the job done without costing an arm and a leg.
  • Easy Setup. Many cranes require lots of setup and several workers to make it happen.  Jack and Slides are more simple, have an easy setup and can be operated with less workers.
  • Simple Maintenance. Smaller size also means they are easier and less costly to maintain.  This also makes them ideal for constrained budgets.

Use a Jack and Slide for Your Next Lift

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