By: Barclay Walters

Whether you are just going a few miles down the road, or halfway across the country, moving a massive piece of equipment is challenging to say the least. If you are planning this type of huge relocation, you may not be aware of the potential problems which can be encountered. Thankfully, Mega Movers, like those available at WM Services Crane and Rigging, Inc, can make even the most difficult moves a success. Here is a quick look at the potential issues you may come across if you choose the wrong heavy haul trucking service.

Challenges of Heavy Hauling to Avoid

Navigating the Open Road

When it comes to this type of move, it is critical that you only use the highest skilled, most experienced drivers available. After all, driving down the road in your everyday car can be a nightmare from time to time, let alone driving a mega mover headed down the highway. Imagine the possible complications and stress inherited with the job. At WM Services Crane & Rigging, Inc, our drivers have the necessary experience and training to keep your equipment safe, as well as everyone else on the road around them. All of our drivers have been certified to meet safety requirements and can easily travel over all types of roadways.

Having the Wrong Type of Trailer

All trailers aren’t created the same, and not all equipment can be transported on whichever trailer happens to be open and the easiest to load onto. At WM Services, we have several mega movers to choose from to meet your unique needs and situation. All trucks and trailers undergo frequent inspections to ensure they are operating safely and at their optimal level.

Uneven Weight Distribution

If the weight of the items being transported are not equally spread out and balanced before being strapped down, there is a strong possibility that the equipment will shift during the move, and the items being transported will suffer damages as a result. This can also cause damage to other vehicles and drivers on the road.

Acquiring Permits

Acquiring the right permits to transport a large piece of equipment can be a time consuming and difficult project. At WM Services Crane & Rigging, Inc we are well-aware of the rules and regulations involved with getting a permit. As a result, we begin preparing well ahead of time and organize every detail to ensure the process goes smoothly and as quickly as possible.

With more than 30 years in the industry, WM Services Crane & Rigging, Inc has worked hard to establish a reputation for reliability, efficiently, and having a strong commitment to safety to ensure we never make one of the mistakes discussed above. Regardless of the size of the job, type of equipment being transported, or industry involved, we can handle the job.

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